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Save this file as: Random30
You are probably wondering why you created the same information in both
Column A and Column B of your spreadsheet. This is to make sure that before you
sort the frame numbers that you have exactly 32 of them when you finish sorting
them into a random sequence of 32 numbers.
Now, let’s add a random number to each of the duplicate frame numbers as
2.2 Creating Random Numbers in an Excel Worksheet
C3: RANDOM NO. (then widen columns A, B, C so that their labels fit
inside the columns; then center the information in A3:C35)
C4: =RAND()
Next, hit the Enter key to add a random number to cell C4.
Note that you need both an open parenthesis and a closed parenthesis after
=RAND(). The RAND command ‘‘looks to the left of the cell with the RAND()
COMMAND in it’’ and assigns a random number to that cell.
Now, put the pointer using your mouse in cell C4 and then move the pointer to
the bottom right corner of that cell until you see a ‘‘plus sign’’ in that cell. Then,
click and drag the pointer down to cell C35 to add a random number to all 32 ID
frame numbers (see Fig. 2.5 ).
Then, click on any empty cell to deselect C4: C35 to remove the dark color
highlighting these cells.
Save this file as: Random31
Now, let’s sort these duplicate frame numbers into a random sequence:
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