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5, 6, 15, 16, 32
Save this file as: Random33
Remember, your five ID numbers selected after your random sort will be
different from the five ID numbers in Fig. 2.9 because Excel assigns a different
random number each time the =RAND() command is given.
Before we leave this chapter, you need to learn how to print a file so that all of
the information on that file fits onto a single page without ‘‘dribbling over’’ onto a
second or third page.
2.4 Printing an Excel File so that All of the Information Fits
onto One Page
Objective: To print a file so that all of the information fits onto one page
Note that the three practice problems at the end of this chapter require you to
sort random numbers when the files contain 63 test tubes, 114 steel samples, and
75 field mice, respectively. These files will be ‘‘too big’’ to fit onto one page when
you print them unless you format these files so that they fit onto a single page when
you print them.
Let’s create a situation where the file does not fit onto one printed page unless
you format it first to do that.
Go back to the file you just created, Random 33, and enter the name: Jennifer
into cell: A50.
If you printed this file now, the name, Jennifer, would be printed onto a second
page because it ‘‘dribbles over’’ outside of the page rage for this file in its current
So, you would need to change the page format so that all of the information,
including the name, Jennifer, fits onto just one page when you print this file by
using the following steps:
Page Layout (top left of the computer screen)
(Notice the ‘‘Scale to Fit’’ section in the center of your screen; see
Fig. 2.10 )
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