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Fig. 3.4
Result of using the TINV function to find the confidence interval about the mean
Note that you have drawn a picture of the 95 % confidence interval beneath cell
B26, including the lower limit, the upper limit, the mean, and the reference value
of 28 mpg given in the claim that the company wants to make about the car’s miles
per gallon performance.
Now, let’s write the conclusion to your research study on your spreadsheet:
C33: Since the reference value of 28 is inside
C34: the confidence interval, we accept that
C35: the Chevy Impala does get 28 mpg.
Important note:
You are probably wondering why we wrote the conclusion on
three separate lines of the spreadsheet instead of writing it on
one long line. This is because if you wrote it on one line, two
things would happen that you would not like: (1) If you printed
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