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Rule #1:
Since the reference value was inside the confidence interval, we cannot
use the word ‘‘significantly’’ in the conclusion. This is a basic rule we
are using in this chapter for every problem
Rule #2:
The key terms in the conclusion would be:
• Chevy Impala
• reference value of 28 mpg
Rule #3:
The Chevy Impala did get 28 mpg.
The process of writing the conclusion when you accept H 0 is relatively
straightforward since you put into words what you said when you wrote the null
However, the process of stating the conclusion when you reject H 0 and accept
H 1 is more difficult, so let’s practice writing that type of conclusion with three
practice case examples:
Objective: To write the result and conclusion when you reject H 0
CASE #1:
Suppose that an ad in The Wall Street Journal claimed that the
Honda Accord Sedan gets 34 miles per gallon. The hypotheses
would be:
H 0 : l = 34 mpg
H 1 : l = 34 mpg
Suppose that your research yields the following confidence interval:
Since the reference value is outside the confidence interval, we reject the
null hypothesis and accept the research hypothesis
The three rules for stating the conclusion would be:
Rule #1:
We must include the word ‘‘significantly’’ since the reference value of
34 is outside the confidence interval.
Rule #2:
The key terms would be:
• Honda Accord Sedan
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