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Fig. 3.9
Hypothetical example of item #8 of the NABT internet survey
This item would have the following hypotheses:
H 0 : l = 5.5
H 1 : l = 5.5
Suppose that your research produced the following confidence interval for this
item on the survey:
Since the reference value is outside the confidence interval, we reject the
null hypothesis and accept the research hypothesis
The three rules for stating the conclusion would be:
Rule #1:
You must include the word ‘‘significantly’’ since the reference value is
outside the confidence interval.
Rule #2:
The key terms would be:
• Members of the NABT
• The American Biology Teacher
• significantly
• rated the quality of articles
• Internet survey
• dealing with Ecology/Environment
• either ‘‘positive’’ or ‘‘negative’’ (we will explain this)
Rule #3:
Members of the NABT rated the quality of articles in The American
Biology Teacher dealing with Ecology/Environment in an Internet
survey as significantly positive.
Note two important things about this conclusion above: (1) people when
speaking English do not normally say ‘‘significantly excellent’’ since something is
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