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Chapter 4
One-Group t-Test for the Mean
In this chapter, you will learn how to use one of the most popular and most helpful
statistical tests in science research: the one-group t-test for the mean.
The formula for the one-group t-test is as follows:
t ¼ X l
ð 4 : 1 Þ
s : e : ¼ S X ¼ S
n p ð 4 : 2 Þ
This formula asks you to take the mean X and subtract the population mean
(l) from it, and then divide the answer by the standard error of the mean (s.e.). The
standard error of the mean equals the standard deviation divided by the square root
of n (the sample size). If you want to learn more about this test, see Zikmund and
Babin ( 2010 ).
Let’s discuss the 7 STEPS of hypothesis testing using the one-group t-test so
that you can understand how this test is used.
4.1 The 7 STEPS for Hypothesis-Testing Using
the One-Group t-Test
Objective: To learn the 7 steps of hypothesis-testing using the one-group t-test
Before you can try out your Excel skills on the one-group t-test, you need to
learn the basic steps of hypothesis-testing for this statistical test. There are 7 steps
in this process:
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DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-5779-4_4,
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