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Remember that when you are using a rating scale item, both the null
hypothesis and the research hypothesis refer to the ‘‘middle of the scale.’’
In the 10-point scale in this example, the middle of the scale is 5.5 since
five numbers are below 5.5 (i.e., 1–5) and five numbers are above 5.5
(i.e. 6–10). Therefore, the hypotheses for this rating scale item are:
H 0 : l ¼ 5 : 5
H 0 : l 5 : 5
B17: n
B20: mean
B26: s.e.
B29: critical t
B32: t-test
B36: Result:
B41: Conclusion:
Now, use Excel:
D17: enter the sample size
D20: enter the mean
D23: enter the STDEV (see Fig. 4.2 )
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