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D26: compute the standard error using the formula in Chap. 1
D29: find the critical t value of t in the t-table in Appendix E
Now, enter the following formula in cell D32 to find the t-test result:
This formula takes the sample mean (D20) and subtracts the population
hypothesized mean of 5.5 from the sample mean, and THEN divides the answer by
the standard error of the mean (D26). Note that you need to enter D20-5.5 with an
open-parenthesis before D20 and a closed-parenthesis after 5.5 so that the answer
of 1.08 is THEN divided by the standard error of 0.22 to get the t-test result of
Now, use two decimal places for both the s.e. and the t-test result (see Fig. 4.3 ).
Fig. 4.3
t-test formula result for item #7 of the AIBS survey
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