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Right Now Document Design with Word 2010
Templates make great starting points if you are creating a document with a specific layout
style. For example, if you want to create a newsletter that includes three columns at the top
of the page and two columns in the bottom half of the page, your best bet is to start with
a newsletter template and then tweak it to it the design you’re envisioning. Modifying an
existing template is much easier than creating a new design from scratch—and you might
find that special features like sidebars, picture placeholders, and pull quote boxes add
design touches to your documents that you want to keep.
To see which kinds of templates Word 2010 has to offer, click the File tab to display
Backstage view and then click New. As you can see in Figure 3-1, the New tab shows you all the
templates available on your computer, as well as many different categories for templates
that are available on Office Online.
Figure 3-1 The New tab in Backstage view is where you begin to create a blank document or
blog post, start a file from an existing file, or choose from a number of template options.
The New tab in Backstage view provides everything you need for the start of a new Word
2010 file. At the top of the center panel you see six choices:
Blank Document Opens a new document with no specific layout or design options
Blog Post Displays a new blog post document with space for a post title and
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