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Right Now Document Design with Word 2010
Recent Templates Shows you any templates you have recently used in Word 2010
Sample Templates Displays a selection of templates in different styles and types
My Templates Opens the New dialog box, showing the Personal Templates tab
from which you can choose a template you have added to Word 2010 as the basis for
your new document
New From Existing Opens the New From Existing Document dialog box, in which
you can choose the document you want to use as the basis for the new document
In the Templates area, you see a number of file and folder icons that point you
toward additional templates on Office Online. Click the category of template you want to
view. Some folders display additional folders offering yet more categories; others display
your template choices.
If you don’t see a template that offers what you have in mind, you can click in the Search For Templates box and type a word or phrase describing the kind of template
you’d like to find. Figure 3-2 shows the templates displayed when newsletters is entered in
the search box for
Figure 3-2 You can search for templates available on
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