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Coordinating Your Document Design
To remove a template from the Recent Templates view, right-click the template and
choose Remove Template. To clear the Recent Templates view, right-click in the area
and choose Remove All Recent Templates. Keep in mind that when you remove
templates from the Recent Templates area, you are only removing their appearance from
that section of the dialog box; you are not permanently removing any templates stored
on your computer.
You can preview the different templates available by clicking one and viewing the preview
in the right side of the New tab. When you find a template you want to use as the basis for
a new document, either double-click the template file icon or select a template icon and
click the Create (or Download) button in the panel on the right side of Backstage view.
Only customers running genuine, and properly licensed, Microsoft Office applications
can download templates from Microsoft Office Online. For more information about the
Microsoft Genuine Advantage, see the Inside Out tip titled “The Microsoft Office
Genuine Advantage” in Chapter 4, “Templates and Themes for a Professional Look.”
Coordinating Your Document Design
As you begin to explore the templates available in Word 2010, you will notice certain styles
used for a variety of document types. For example, you might find the same template
design—with colors, fonts, heading style, and backgrounds—used for newsletters, flyers,
brochures, and letterhead (see Figure 3-3).
When you choose a consistent look for your documents, you help reinforce a certain image
for your organization. The colors might convey a cool, modern tone or a warm, professional
feel. Perhaps the fonts are light and playful or traditional and conservative. Whatever look
you choose, using the same design on multiple documents helps the people receiving your
materials to remember your company or department.
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