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Coordinating Your Document Design
Figure 3-3 You can choose a similar template design for multiple documents to create a
consistent design.
Assessing Your Current Design
E very one to two years, it’s a good idea to revisit the look and feel of your
documents. Do they convey the energy you want them to convey? Do they give readers
a positive, professional sense of your company or organization? As you think through
the effectiveness of the design of your documents, consider the following questions:
Have you used a consistent color scheme throughout your documents?
Does your company or organization have a single logo that is used on all your
Do you use the same font scheme on all your printed materials?
Do your business cards, annual report, letterhead, and Web site all have a
consistent look and feel?
You can use Word’s templates and themes to choose a professional design or a
coordinated look, with fonts, colors, and style effects. When you choose a specific style
for your document, all elements—from headings and body text to image and shape
styles—have an orchestrated look and feel; the entire design works together to
reinforce your brand.
If you are planning a major redesign of your documents, consider pulling together a
focus group so you can show a range of design samples to a number of people at once.
Invite their feedback about how visually appealing the design seems to them, how easy
the text is to read, and how memorable the design is in relation to your company or
organizational brand. Be sure to use the feedback participants give you because these
folks are representative of the prospective clients and customers you hope will be
reading your document in the real world.
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