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Opening Recent Documents
Figure 3-5 Creating a new document based on a saved template.
In Chapter 4, you learn to customize your own templates based on existing templates you’ve
downloaded from
Opening Recent Documents
You can display a list of your most recent documents by clicking the Recent tab in
Backstage view. This list can show up to 50 of the documents you’ve most recently opened,
which makes it easy to find the file you want even if you can’t remember the drive or folder
where it’s stored.
You can pin a document to the recent documents list by clicking the little pushpin icon to
the right of the file name. This pins the document to the top of the recent documents list
so it’s always there when you need it. (File names will slowly make their way to the bottom
of the list as you open additional documents, but a file name will not be removed from the
list if it is pinned.) You can change the status of a file on the recent documents list by
rightclicking the file and choosing the command you want from the context menu that appears
(see Figure 3-6).
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