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Performing Basic Editing Tasks
Figure 3-7 You can dictate content by using Windows 7 speech recognition software with
Word 2010.
handwrite content using the mouse or a stylus. If you have handwriting
recognition software installed or if you are using a TabletPC, Word 2010 can recognize
handwriting you enter with your mouse or a stylus. When you use handwriting
recognition, you can retain your written marks, create drawings, draft equations, or
configure Word 2010 to interpret your handwriting and display the information as
typed text.
For more information on adding content to Word 2010, see Chapter 7.
Performing Basic Editing Tasks
If you’ve spent any time working with Word, you know that most documents require some
editing. Chances are that your documents are the result of entering information and then
editing and formatting the entered text, images, and objects. This section provides
information about selecting, copying, cutting, and pasting text; using the Clipboard; and undoing,
redoing, and repeating changes—in other words, some of the common tasks you’ll perform
in Word 2010.
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