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Copying, Cutting, and Pasting
Noncontiguous selection
Select the first item (as described above), hold Ctrl, and then
select additional text elsewhere within your document.
Large block of text
Click at the start of the selection, scroll to the end of the
selection, and then hold down Shift as you click at the end of the
Vertical block of text
Press Alt and then drag over the text. (Note that this method
does not work in Word tables and it might require practice
since using Alt+click will trigger the Research task pane.)
Entire document
Triple-click in the Selection Bar or hold Ctrl and click once in
the Selection Bar. (Note if using the Ctrl+click method you
must first deselect any selected text.)
Table 3-2 Keyboard Commands for Selecting Text
Keyboard Command
Turns on Extend Selection Mode; press twice to select a word,
three times to select a sentence, and four times to select the
document; press F8 once and then the Enter key to select
by paragraph, or press F8 once and then the period (dot) to
select by sentence
Ctrl+Shift+F8+arrow keys
or mouse button
Vertical or horizontal blocks of text beginning at the insertion
Turns off Extend Selection Mode (text will remain selected)
Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow or
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
From the insertion point to the beginning of a word or end of
a word, respectively
Shift+Home or Shift+End
From the insertion point to the beginning or end of the
current line, respectively
Shift+Page Up or
Shift+Page Down
One screen up or down, respectively, beginning from the
insertion point
Ctrl+Shift+Home or
From the insertion point to the beginning of the document or
end of the document, respectively
Entire document
Copying, Cutting, and Pasting
No matter what kind of documents you create in Word 2010, copying, cutting, and pasting
are probably among the features you use most often. Word 2010 includes a new feature
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