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Copying, Cutting, and Pasting
that’s tailor-made for people who paste content regularly: Paste with Live Preview . Now
you’ll be able to paste content the way you want it to appear—choosing whether to apply
the formatting of the copied text, take on the formatting of the surrounding section, or
paste the text as text only.
The paste options available depend on the type of content you’ve copied or cut. If
you’ve selected a picture, chart, or diagram, for example, the paste options available for
those objects will be different from the paste options available for text.
To use the Copy and Cut functions, select the text you want to manipulate and then choose
one of the commands listed in Table 3-3. The table also lists the Paste tools you’ll use after
you’ve copied or cut content to the Clipboard.
Table 3-3 Copy, Cut, and Paste Features
Keyboard Shortcut
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert
to Paste use Ctrl+Shift+V
Copy Format (Format Painter)
Ctrl+X or Shift+Del
Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert
Paste Options
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