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Copying and pasting data has always been an easy way to reuse content you created
previously, but one drawback in previous versions of Word was that pasting the content into
your document sometimes produced unexpected results. Sometimes the new content
appeared in the format you wanted; other times it took on the format of the section you
were pasting into.
Paste With Live Preview not only gives you additional controls that help you decide how
you want the pasted information to appear but actually enables you to preview the content
in the document. This means you can choose paste, point to the paste option you want,
and see how the information will look in your document before you click to complete the
paste operation.
To use Paste With Live Preview, follow these steps:
1. Copy or cut the information you want to paste into your document.
2. Click to position the cursor at the point you want the content to be pasted.
3. Click Paste, which is in the Clipboard group on the Home tab. The paste options
4. Point to each paste option and preview the information at the cursor position.
5. When you see the paste option you want to use, click it, and the paste operation is
6. You can change the information after you paste it by clicking the Paste Options
button that appears beside the pasted content and choosing the option you want
(see Figure 3-8).
To ignore Paste Options after pasting, simply continue to work within your
document or press Esc—the Paste Options button will quietly disappear until the next
time you paste content.
To turn off the Paste Options button, on the File tab, click Options and then click
Advanced. In the Cut, Copy, And Paste options, clear the Show Paste Options
Button When Content Is Pasted check box.
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