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Using the Office Clipboard
up to 24 items—including text, objects, and graphics—which means you can copy or cut 24
elements from various applications without losing data in the digital abyss.
Keep in mind that if you copy item 25, the first item you copied to your Office
Clipboard is removed.
You can display the Office Clipboard to see all the different items stored there by clicking
the dialog launcher in the Clipboard group on the Home tab.
Further, the Office Clipboard task pane provides an easy way to see which Clipboard item
contains the information you want to access, as shown in Figure 3-9. You can click an
individual item to display a content menu from which you can paste the item into the
document or delete the item from the Clipboard.
Figure 3-9 The Clipboard holds up to 24 items and displays some of the copied and cut items’
contents to help you identify which item you want to paste into a document.
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