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Undoing, Redoing, and Repeating
Though the past 1,000 actions are retained, there might be still be times you
encounter a message that you aren’t able to undo a current action. If you’re a
little apprehensive about moving ahead without the Undo safety net, you can
take precautionary action. One easy approach is to simply perform the “risky”
action last so you won’t lose your current Undo list until you’re sure you’ll no
longer need it. Another workaround is to copy the element you want to perform
the action on, paste the information into a blank document, perform the desired
action on the copied version of your information, and then copy and paste the
modified information into the original document. Using this method, you can
ensure that if the action doesn’t go as planned, your original document remains
Using Redo or Repeat
The default Redo button on the Quick Access Toolbar is a combination of two commands:
Redo and Repeat. When you create a new document you will see the Repeat command but
as soon as you undo an action, you automatically activate the Redo command. The main
role of the Redo command is redo an undone action before you make any further changes.
The Repeat feature is fairly self-explanatory—clicking this command repeats the last action
you performed. For example, if you applied color or a border to text, you could use the
Repeat command to apply the same formatting. To use the Redo or Repeat command you
can perform any of the following actions:
Click Redo on the Quick Access Toolbar immediately after you’ve undone an action—
before you’ve made any other changes.
Press Ctrl+Y or Alt+Enter to redo the last undone change.
Where Is the Redo List?
If you miss the Redo button that includes a Redo list, rest assured, it’s still available. To
add the Redo button that includes a list of Redo actions to your Quick Access Toolbar,
click More Commands in the Customize Quick Access Toolbar list. From the Choose
Commands From list, select Commands Not In The Ribbon and locate the Redo
command (the first Redo command with the icon) that provides a list of Redo actions. Click
the command to select it and then click Add to add it to your Quick Access Toolbar.
Click OK to save your changes.
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