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Creating Theme-Enabled Documents
You can keep the default Redo button and the Redo button you just added on your
Quick Access Toolbar; however, if you are tempted to leave the default Redo button
on the Quick Access Toolbar because the Repeat functionality is handy, an alternative
option is to remove the default Redo button and use the keyboard shortcut for Repeat
(F4) to repeat your last action.
Creating Theme-Enabled Documents
Not everyone is born with design talent. Some of us can easily see how colors and patterns
work together. We know how much shadow to use for our pictures. We know which fonts
convey the tone we want our text to communicate. But, admittedly, some of us are clueless
when it comes to document design.
Knowing how to put together a document that looks good and communicates an air of
professionalism and confidence is an important part of making your point, whether you’re
writing a business plan, sharing a new organizational chart, or putting together a training
manual. The look and feel of your document says a lot about its content, and that’s where
Word 2010 themes come in.
Word 2010 themes offer a coordinated look for your documents that you can apply with
a single click. Every document you create in Word 2010 is assigned the Office Theme by
default, but you can choose a new theme from the Themes gallery, which assigns a specific
color scheme, font collection, and set of styles (which controls shadow, 3-D effects, and
more) to your document.
Now themes are available throughout Office 2010, which means that you can use the
same theme—with the same colors, fonts, and styles—whether you’re creating a
document, e-mail message, database report, PowerPoint presentation, or Excel worksheet.
Experimenting with Themes
The best way to understand Word 2010 themes is to experiment with them a little bit. You’ll
find the Themes gallery in the Themes group on the Page Layout tab. When you click the
Themes arrow, the Themes gallery appears, offering a collection of looks you can apply to
your document (see Figure 3-10).
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