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Creating Theme-Enabled Documents
Figure 3-12 The Office Theme uses Cambria for headings and Calibri for body text.
Similar to the way Word handles colors and themes, if you want the font to change when
you choose to apply a different theme to the document, use the Theme fonts found in the
Theme Fonts section at the top of the font list. If you choose to use a font other than the
ones shown in the Theme Fonts list, that font will remain the same if you change the theme
at a later time.
Themes and Effects
The theme effects that are applied automatically when you choose a specific theme in
Word 2010 control attributes, such as line style, ill, shadow, and three-dimensional effects.
If you add pictures, pull quotes, SmartArt, charts, or shapes, the shape effects are added to
those elements and change the way they appear on the page. Figure 3-13 shows various
effects that go along with the different themes you can apply to your documents.
Figure 3-13 Theme effects control line, shadow, and three-dimensional effects for objects like
shapes, pictures, and SmartArt.
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