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An Annual Report
Headings in your document stand out from the text and help readers focus on the
most important elements in the design.
Images should be high quality and large enough to break up the low of text and
provide visual interest.
If you use a multicolumn design, balance the columns and arrange the layout so the
reader always knows where to look next; the design should help guide the reader’s
eye down the page.
Each of the sections that follow provide examples of documents you can easily produce
using templates available to you through Once you create the documents, you
can customize them with your own content and add quick styles, picture effects, and more
to make the documents really shine.
An Annual Report
Your company’s annual report is an important communication that lets those interested in
your organization—perhaps shareholders, constituents, customers, or the general public—
learn what your company accomplished in the previous year and how you are well-positioned
to meet the challenges in the future. The annual report you design might be a substantial
document—25 pages or more—that might include the following major sections:
Mission Statement
Letter to Stockholders
History of Company
Management Report
Financial Summary
Year in Review
Projections for the Future
Financial Statements
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