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A Newsletter
A Newsletter
Another popular type of document you might need to create in Word 2010 can call for
a slightly more sophisticated design. Newsletters typically include a multicolumn format,
stretched over multiple document pages. A well-designed newsletter has the following
design characteristics:
A recognizable and inviting masthead
Several short stories lowing across multiple pages
Alternative or mirroring page layouts
Multiple columns
Graphic elements such as shaded boxes, backgrounds, or borders to help readers see
clearly where one story ends and another begins
Clear headings to help readers navigate through the document
A table of contents so readers can see clearly where to find various newsletter
Photos, pictures, or clip art to help add visual interest and break up text
An inviting and coordinating color scheme
A font that is easy to read and works well for the layout, not crowding too much text
into a small space
Word 2010 includes a number of newsletter templates that offer you a variety of styles.
You can choose from two, three, or four-column layouts. The newsletter templates include
multiple pages to provide a variety of layouts you can customize with your own images and
content. For example, the newsletter template shown in Figure 3-19 includes a two-column
format with a table of contents, headlines, sidebars, photos, and more.
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