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Getting the Scoop on the Normal Template
Files And Folders option in the Advanced Settings area, and click OK. Note that hidden
folders in Windows 7 do appear in Windows Explorer, but they appear to be “dimmed”
or not selectable. You can search the contents of hidden folders and view folder
properties as needed.
What’s in Normal.dotx?
The Normal template uses the Office Theme and contains default styles (but no boilerplate
text) that are automatically available whenever you create new, blank documents. As you
work in a document, any styles, macros, or other customizations that you save are stored in
the Normal template unless you specify otherwise. In addition, you can modify the Normal
template to change the default document formatting in Word. As you can imagine, the
longer you work with Word, the more customized your Normal.dotm file can become.
Replacing a Damaged Normal.dotx If the Normal template is damaged, moved, missing,
or renamed, Word creates a new Normal template the next time you start the application.
The new template is based on the default settings. This automatically generated Normal
template won’t include any customizations that you’ve made to a previous version of
If you work with a highly customized Normal template, back up your system’s
Normal.dotm file every few weeks for safekeeping.
Renaming Normal.dotx You can also intentionally rename your Normal template and
force Word to create a new Normal template. You might want to do this, for example,
when you want to preserve the customizations you’ve added to Normal.dotx but no
longer want to use that template with new files you create. If you create a new Normal.dotx,
Word creates a fresh Normal template, and then you can copy any selected components
you want from the renamed template into the newly generated Normal template by using
the Organizer, as described in “Using the Organizer to Rename, Delete, and Copy Styles,”
on page 123.
To rename the Normal template, follow these steps:
1. Close Word and then display Normal.dotm in your Templates folder.
2. Right-click the Normal template then click Rename.
3. Type a new name for the template.
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