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Using Templates from the New Documents Dialog Box
certificates, and flyers. To create a new document using a template available on the New
tab, follow these steps:
1. Click File to display Backstage view, and then click New.
In the Available Templates area, choose the type of template you want to use.
If you are using a template from the Sample Templates or My Templates categories,
verify the Document option is selected in the Create New area and then click Create
or OK (depending on whether the New dialog box is displayed).
If you’re opening a template that’s installed on your computer, Word immediately creates
a new document based on the selected template. If the template isn’t installed on your
computer, the template is downloaded to your system and displayed in Word. You can then
type the contents of the new document and save the document locally or store it on the
server, just as you would any other document.
Templates with Text You Can Use
D o you have an idea about the type of document you’d like to create but aren’t
sure what kind of template you need? In Word 2010, you can easily find templates
with boilerplate text you can replace with your own; click in the search
box located at the right side of the center column of the New tab and type a word or
phrase that describes the type of template you’d like to find. For example, you might
want to send a thank you note and find that you are struggling with those perfect
words to properly convey your thoughts. If you type thank you in the Search text box
and then click the Start Searching arrow, the search results will display templates that
include text relating to content commonly found in thank you notes. All you need to
do is ill in the names and addresses, and you’re good to go.
In addition to retrieving templates from your own computer and, you can
access templates stored on a network, FTP site, document server, or Microsoft SharePoint
site. Workgroups frequently need to share templates, so storing templates online provides
an ideal way to share templates and ensure that the most up-to-date templates are
readily available to team members. In Word, you can easily create new documents based on
templates that are stored on networks or the Internet. For more information about sharing
documents and using workgroup templates, see Chapter 21, “Sharing Your Documents.”
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