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Attaching Templates to Documents
Providing Single-Click Access to Templates
If you create a custom document template that you’ll access frequently to create new
documents, you might consider adding a custom button to the Quick Access Toolbar
or creating a desktop shortcut with which you can quickly open a new, blank
document based on a particular template. To add a custom button, you first create or record
a macro. You then add a button to your Quick Access Toolbar that runs the macro.
To learn how to record a macro and add the macro to your Quick Access Toolbar, see
Chapter 28, “Working with Macros in Word 2010.”
Attaching Templates to Documents
Earlier in this chapter you learned that the global template, Normal.dotx, is attached to all
new files you create in Word 2010. When you create a document from an existing template,
that document’s template is automatically attached to the document. However, you can
specify which document template you want to attach to a document, regardless of which
template is currently attached. In this circumstance, when you replace the existing
document template with a new one, you can choose to automatically update the document’s
text with the new styles. This makes short work of modifying the formatting throughout the
Another method you can use to quickly update a document’s styles is to use Quick Style
Sets—a new type of formatting template—instead of attaching a new template to your
document. For more on creating and working with Quick Style Sets, see Chapter 12,
“Applying and Customizing Quick Styles.”
To attach a template to a document and update the document’s styles based on the newly
attached template, follow these steps:
1. Open your document.
2. Click File to display Backstage view then click Options.
In the Word Options dialog box, click Add-Ins.
4. Click the Manage arrow, choose Templates, and then click Go (see Figure 4-3).
In the Templates and Add-Ins dialog box, click the Attach button.
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