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Changing a Template While Working in a Document
Changing a Template While Working in a Document
If you are working in a document and think of a change you’d like to make to the template,
you can do that easily. You might want to add a new style, for example, while you’re
working on text.
In this case, in the Create New Style dialog box (or in the Modify Style dialog box), select
the New Documents Based On This Template option. When you save the document, Word
displays a message box that asks whether you want to update the attached document
template, as shown in Figure 4-5.
Figure 4-5 You can modify and save changes to an attached document template while you work
in a document.
Using the Organizer to Rename, Delete, and Copy Styles
In addition to modifying templates by making changes in template and document files, you
can use the Organizer to manage template components. The Organizer dialog box contains
tabs for Styles and Macro Project Items, as shown in Figure 4-6.
Figure 4-6 You can copy, delete, and rename styles and macros stored in specific documents
and templates by using the Organizer.
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