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Changing a Template While Working in a Document
To use the Organizer to copy and manage styles and macros in documents and templates,
follow these steps:
1. On the Developer tab in the Templates group, click Document Template.
In the Templates And Add-Ins dialog box, click Organizer.
In the Organizer dialog box, click the Styles or Macro Project Items tab, depending on
the element you want to copy, delete, or rename.
4. To copy items to or from templates, or files other than the current file’s template and
the Normal.dotm template, click the Close File button to close the active document
and its attached template or to close the Normal template. Then click Open File and
select the template or file you want to open by double-clicking it in the Open dialog
5. Select the items you want to copy, delete, or rename. Click Copy, Delete, or Rename
as appropriate.
6. Click Close when finished with the Organizer.
I can’t copy items to a particular template.
If you try to copy styles or macros to a template that’s protected in some way, you
might not be able to open the template, accept or reject tracked changes in the
template, or save changes to the template. This problem might be due to any of the
following reasons:
The template is protected for tracked changes, comments, or forms.
The template is encrypted and requires you to enter a password.
The template is protected by a password. If you don’t know the password, you
can only open the template as a read-only file.
The file attributes are set to read-only.
You don’t have access to the server on which the template is stored.
The template might be open on another computer on your network.
To save changes to a template, the protection settings must be removed, you must gain
the proper access permissions, or you must wait until the template is no longer open
on another computer on the network.
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