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Applying Themes in Word 2010
Figure 4-7 Choose General Options on the Tools menu of the Save As dialog box to
protect your template.
Applying Themes in Word 2010
If you’ve ever spent any amount of time painstakingly selecting fonts, coordinating colors,
or wishing you had a graphic artist on hand to handle all of the choices you need to make
when creating high-impact and persuasive documents, you will love using Themes in Word
2010. With Themes, you can choose a consistent, professional look for your documents—
with a single click of the mouse. What’s more, you can use the same theme for all sorts of
collateral materials so that your annual report has a similar design to your brochures, your
organization’s stationery, your newsletter, and your Web page.
Word 2010 includes a gallery of dozens of themes that you can use right away in the
documents you create. You can also modify existing themes to create new ones or design new
themes from scratch. In addition, you can download more themes from to
continually expand and refresh your themes gallery.
Themes became available for the first time in Word 2007; they are not available in
versions of Word prior to that release. The settings used to create the theme (fonts, colors,
and effects) are converted to styles in previous versions of Word. To obtain the full
benefit of themes—which enable you to change the Theme font, color, and effects with
a single click of the mouse button—your document needs to be saved in Word 2010
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