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Themes, Quick Styles, and Galleries
Themes, Quick Styles, and Galleries
By default, every document you create is given the Office theme until you choose a
different one. The theme coordinates many of the formatting choices that you make throughout
the document. For example, suppose that you choose the Flow theme for your current
document. A specific set of fonts, colors, and theme effects are applied to the document.
Additionally, the Quick Styles available in the Styles area on the Home tab are coordinated
to match the Flow theme as well. Therefore, the fonts available in the Quick Styles are
determined by your theme selection. If you choose a different theme, different styles will
appear in the Styles gallery to reflect your choice. You can further fine-tune your selection
by choosing a particular Quick Style set for your document. When you click the Change
Styles arrow (in the Styles group on the Home tab) and choose Style Set, a list of design
categories appears (see Figure 4-9). You can choose the category that reflects the style you
want to create, and all items—fonts, colors, and effects—consistent with the Theme choices
are applied to your document.
Figure 4-9 The Quick Styles available depend on the theme you have selected.
Learn more about using and customizing Quick Styles in Chapter 12.
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