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Changing a Theme
Other galleries offer choices related to the Flow theme selection as well. For example, when
you create a table and choose a style in the Table Styles gallery (available on the Design tab
of the contextual Table Tools tools), the table styles in that gallery are orchestrated to match
the Flow theme, as shown in Figure 4-10.
Figure 4-10 The theme you choose for your document coordinates the formatting for various
elements in the file, such as tables.
Downloading Themes from
M icrosoft Office Online offers an additional and continually expanding supply
of themes and templates you can use with Word 2007 and Word 2010. Visit ( ) to
browse through the themes selection and download new themes to your computer.
Changing a Theme
When you discover a theme that you like, simply click it to apply it to the selected
document; the fonts, colors, and effects that are part of the theme are automatically applied.
If you are creating a new document, the Office theme is applied automatically.
Specifying a theme choice doesn’t mean that you give up your right to change your mind.
You can further fine-tune your document by changing the fonts, colors, and effects applied
when you selected the theme. The next section instructs you how to work with these
settings in your documents.
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