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Changing Theme Colors
You can choose a different font set for the theme applied to your document by following
these steps:
1. On the Page Layout tab, click the Theme Fonts button in the Themes group.
The Theme Fonts gallery appears.
2. Position the pointer on a font set selection to preview the effect in your document, as
shown in Figure 4-12.
Figure 4-12 Choose a different font set for your document by clicking the Theme Fonts
3. Click the font selection that you want to apply to the theme; the fonts are instantly
Overriding Theme Settings
T he theme settings that you choose for your document coordinate various
formatting settings used throughout the content. But you don’t have to settle for those
selections all the way through the document if you want to change things up. You can
modify individual sections, headers, or special items (such as captions, quotations, or
other elements) by applying different settings directly to those elements. Be aware,
however, that when you change a font, color, or effect in this manner (such as changing
a heading in your document to Times Roman when the Theme used Calibri), the
element is in effect removed from the coordination controlled by the theme. This means
the element will no longer change automatically if you choose a different one.
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