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Selecting Theme Effects
To override the theme’s font settings currently applied in your document, simply select
the text that you want to change, and then on the Home tab, click the Font arrow. At
the top of the Font list, Word shows you the Theme Fonts (the ones that are used in the
current theme). If you choose one of these fonts, they will still be changed
automatically if you choose a different theme. But you are free to click any font in the list to
apply it to the selected text, as shown in the following illustration.
If you want to ensure that all elements in your document can be changed easily when
you choose a different theme, consider changing the styles used in individual themes.
Selecting Theme Effects
Theme effects enable you to add an extra touch to your charts, SmartArt graphics, shapes,
and pictures. Theme effects control the line thickness, ill color or shade, lighting, and
shadow of the selected object. To change the effects selected for your current theme, click
the Theme Effects button in the Themes group on the Page Layout tab. The Effects gallery
opens, as shown in Figure 4-13.
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