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Creating a Custom Theme
Figure 4-13 Theme effects control the lighting, shadow, and edging of objects in your
I Can’t Tell Which Settings Are in Effect in My Theme
When you first begin creating a new document, you may not have much content to
format. That means you may not be sure which settings are in effect for your
particular theme. You can see the shadow, lighting, and edging effects that are being used in
your document by clicking the Theme Effects button in the Themes group on the Page
Layout tab. The Effects gallery opens, and the current effect is highlighted. From the
thumbnail of the selected effect, you can view the shadow, lighting, and edging effects
that are in use. If you want to change the effects, click a different thumbnail in the
gallery, and those settings are applied to your document.
Creating a Custom Theme
Word 2010 themes take the guesswork out of designing professional documents and just
generally make life easier. But having themes to rely on shouldn’t keep you from creating
your own coordinated design efforts. You can easily put together your own themes and
save them to the Themes gallery for use in all the documents you create. If you work as
part of a team, a department, or a small business, you can create a theme customized to
include your own company colors and fonts, and then share the theme with others so all
your documents have a similar look and feel.
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