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Planning Your Document
The Page Setup dialog box packs a number of different setup options into one small space.
It includes three tabs with which you can make choices for your documents as described
The Margins tab includes all the settings you need to set the outer margins of the
document (top, left, bottom, and right) as well as the size of the gutter if you plan to
bind the document. Also in the Margins tab, you can choose the orientation of the
page (portrait or landscape); select how you want multiple pages to be treated (Nor-
mal, Mirror Margins, Two Pages Per Sheet, or Book Fold); and indicate whether you
want the settings on the tab to be applied to the selected text only (if you selected
text before choosing this option) or to the entire document.
On the Paper tab, you can choose the size of the page you want to use for your
document. You can choose from many different page sizes, set the printer source for the
cover page and secondary pages, set print options, and choose whether you want
the settings applied to the entire document or the selected text.
The Layout tab includes the tools you need to create new sections, add and control
headers and footers, set text alignment, add line numbers, and add borders to the
Word 2010 offers you a variety of ways to set and work with the settings for the layout
of your pages. For example, you can add and format headers and footers by clicking
at the top of bottom of the document page to open the Header or Footer area. You
can change orientation, margins, and more by choosing the tool you want in the Page
Setup group on the Page Layout tab or, if you choose, you can enter a number of
settings at once in the Page Setup dialog box.
Planning Your Document
The length, complexity, and type of your document will determine how many different
types of page settings you need to use in order to get your document to look and print
the way you want. For a routine letter, a simple blog post, or a memo you share with
colleagues, page setup issues might not be important. But if you’re using Word 2010 to create
and publish an entire book, the tasks you need to accomplish will be much more involved.
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