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Simple Margins and Orientations
The next time you open the Margins gallery, your custom settings will be listed
at the top as Last Custom Setting. If you want new documents to default to your
custom settings, see the section titled “Saving Page Setup Defaults to the Current
Template,” on page 168.
Drag the margin marker on the ruler. If you are working in Print Layout view,
you can choose new margin settings by dragging the edge of the shaded area on the
horizontal or vertical ruler to the margin setting you want, as shown here:
Display Precise Measurements on the Ruler
If you need to set the margins to a specific measurement but don’t want to work in the
Page Setup dialog box, you can make precise margin adjustments on the ruler as well.
Display the ruler by clicking View and selecting the Ruler check box in the Show group.
Then simply press and hold the Alt key while dragging the margin marker, or press and
hold both the left and right mouse buttons while you drag the marker in the direction
you want to increase or decrease the margin. Measurements appear in both the ruler
and the margin area to show you precisely the width of the print area and margins.
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