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Selecting Paper Size and Source
To change the orientation of a document, on the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon, click the
Orientation tool in the Page Setup group. Click Landscape to change the orientation so that
the document is printed with the long edge of the paper serving as the top of the page,
or click Portrait to print the document with the short edge of the paper serving as the top
of the page. Note that page orientation can also be found in the Page Setup dialog box,
which you can display by clicking the Page Setup dialog launcher.
Selecting Paper Size and Source
The page size you choose for your document has a lot to do with the overall layout—limit-
ing, for example, how much content you can put on the page. For this reason, setting the
page size is one of the tasks you’ll want to complete first when you start a new document.
Word 2010 supports a large list of paper sizes, ranging from the usual paper sizes to
envelope, executive, index card, photo, panorama, banner, and custom sizes.
Once you choose the page size, you’ll also need to let Word know where to locate the
paper for printing—this is known as identifying the paper source. You might want to specify
two different paper sources—one for the cover page which can include letterhead, and one
for subsequent pages.
Choosing a Paper Size
To select a standard paper size, click the Size button on the Page Layout tab and select a
paper size option in the Size gallery, as shown in Figure 5-4.
Figure 5-4 Choose from standard paper sizes in the Size gallery.
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