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Selecting the Paper Source
To select a paper size beyond the standard fare, click More Paper Sizes in the Size
gallery to open the Page Setup dialog box. Select the Paper tab to access additional paper
sizes from the Paper Size list or use the Height and Width text boxes to enter custom
Selecting the Paper Source
Paper source refers to the specific tray on your printer that might contain the paper,
envelopes, or other medium that you’ll use when you print a document. If you’re working with a
printer that supports multiple trays, you can customize the settings for the documents you
print. For example, you can print one page on letterhead from one tray, or source, and print
subsequent pages on blank stock from another tray.
To select a paper source, click the Page Setup dialog launcher on the Page Layout tab, and
then click the Paper tab. In the Paper Source area, click the paper tray you want to use as
the source for your document’s first page, and then click the tray you want to use as the
source for all other pages.
Because so many Page Setup options overlap the Print Options settings, Word makes it
easy to access Print Options on the Paper tab in the Page Setup dialog box. When you’re
working with Page Setup options, take a moment to check your print options by clicking
the Print Options button in the lower-right corner on the Paper tab. The Print Options
button opens the Word Options dialog box, which includes Print options on both the Display
and Advanced screens. Coordinating print and page setup options might come in handy,
for instance, if you want to use A4 or legal paper sizes or you plan to use duplex printing. In
those cases, you can set your print and page setup options at the same time, thereby
avoiding having to remember to set appropriate print options when you print the document.
For more information about printing in Word, see Chapter 14.
Document Grid The Document Grid is available with some Language Settings
configurations. This tab enables you to control the horizontal and vertical text low as well
as line and character spacing in documents that use East Asian languages. By using this
tab, you can also specify Drawing Grid settings (click Drawing Grid), which give you
control over the grid display and other grid settings. You can also access the Font
dialog box by clicking Set Font.
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