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Multiple Page Settings
Multiple Page Settings
When you are creating a long document, you might need to use different page settings
to accommodate the various elements in your project. For example, if you plan to have
your annual report professionally printed, you might want to set up mirrored margins so
the inner margin of the page is larger than the outer margin. This enables you to have the
report bound and ensure that none of the text disappears into the binding of the page.
You can use the Multiple Pages settings in the Page Setup dialog box to choose the
different types of layouts that control the page setup options for your document. Using this
control you can choose whether your document should include mirror margins, two pages
per sheet, book fold, or reverse book fold. To change the page settings for a multiple-page
document, follow these steps:
1. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click the Page Setup dialog
launcher to display the Page Setup dialog box.
2. Enter the Margins, Paper, and Layout settings on their respective tabs as you normally
3. On the Margins tab, in the Pages area, click the Multiple Pages arrow.
Table 5-1 explains the effects of the Multiple Pages choices.
4. Click your Multiple Pages choice and then specify the Apply To arrow and choose
whether the setting should be applied to the whole document or to the selected text.
If you selected Book Fold, Apply To is not available because this setting applies to
the whole document, but you can specify how many sheets are contained in each
If your document has more pages than the number of pages you selected for a booklet,
Word prints the document as multiple booklets.
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