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Controlling Page Breaks
Controlling Page Breaks
As you add content to your Word document, the program automatically adds page breaks
for you when you ill a page. In Print Layout and Full Screen Reading views, an automatic
page break looks truly like an actual space between pages—you can see where one page
ends and another begins. In Draft view, page breaks appear as dotted lines.
In some cases, you might want to add page breaks manually. In Word, you can easily add
manual breaks to control pages, sections, and columns. For example, you might want to
insert a manual page break in the following instances:
To create a page containing minimal information, such as a cover page or
acknowledgments page
To separate document content
To ensure that a figure or table and its caption begin on a new page
To begin a new section with a heading at the top of a page
To end a section when you don’t want anything else printed on the current page
To create a manual page break, place the insertion point where you want to insert the
break. On the Page Layout tab, click Breaks and choose Page. If you prefer to use a shortcut
key, you can create the break by positioning the cursor and pressing Ctrl+Enter.
Do you have a headline style (such as Heading 1) that always begins at the top of a new
page? If so, you can instruct Word to handle the page break and the format together in
one step by choosing Page Break Before in the Paragraph dialog box. Choose either the
Home or Page Layout tab and then click the dialog launcher in the Paragraph group.
Click the Line and Page Breaks tab, and in the Pagination area, select the Page break
before check box. Click OK to save and apply your change.
If you see a solid line instead of the white space allocated to the page margins in
Print Layout view, place your mouse pointer on the solid line and double-click the left
mouse button to show the white space. Notice that the Show White Space Between
Pages In Print Layout View option can also be found in Word Options in the Display
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