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Adding Headers and Footers
Figure 5-7 Use the Page Number gallery to add a page number to your document.
When you insert a page number by using the Page Number gallery, Word automatically
inserts the selected page number and opens the header and footer layer in your document
for additional editing. If you want to add more complex page numbering as well as
additional information, you can add headers and footers, as described in the next section.
Adding Headers and Footers
Once you’ve created sections in your document, you might want to add headers and
footers. Keep in mind, however, that it’s not necessary to have sections in a document in order
to add headers and footers—in fact, it’s best if you don’t add any more sections than you
really need. If you have a straightforward document with page numbers in one place and
the document title in another, you might be able to keep your headers and footers simple.
And of course, when productivity is the bottom line, simple is good.
Adding text to the header (top) and footer (bottom) areas in a Word document serves a
number of purposes, but headers and footers are used primarily to present information
at the top or bottom of each page that help the reader to determine where they are in
a document. You can easily insert page numbers, text, pictures, and clip art in document
headers and footers. This section shows you how to add headers and footers and avoid
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