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Creating Headers and Footers
formatting snafus that can pop up when you’re trying to get everything arranged perfectly
on the page.
You can add headers and footers in Word 2010 by choosing either Header or Footer in the
Header & Footer group on the Insert tab or by clicking in the header or footer area of the
page and typing the header or footer you want to include. If you choose to create a header
or footer using one of the galleries in Word 2010, the available choices provide you with
built-in examples that you can insert into your document and modify as needed to suit
your content. Whether you use the galleries or enter a header or footer on your own, you
can use the tools in the Header & Footer Tools Design tab to format, customize, and align
the text you want to include.
Creating Headers and Footers
Headers and footers can provide special information on each page to give your readers
information they need about your document. Not all projects need headers and footers, of
course, and the information you include is up to you. People often use headers and footers
to provide information about the publication, which could include the title, author, page
number, creation date, last modified date, confidentiality statements, graphics, and other
You can control whether headers and footers differ on odd and even pages, whether the
first page has a different header or footer, and where headers and footers are placed
relative to the edge of a printed page. You can also change the header or footer from section
to section if necessary to give readers the information they need to comfortably navigate
your document. Word offers four different types of headers and footers:
A regular header or footer that appears on the pages of your document
The First Page header or footer that appears only on—wait for it…you guessed it—
the first page of your document
Odd Page headers or footers, which appear only on the odd pages in your document
Even Page headers or footers, which appear only on the even pages in your
So why do we need four different types of headers and footers? Having this variety gives
you a range of options for the way headers and footers appear in your project. In one
project (see Figure 5-8), you might want to:
Hide the display of the header and footer on the first page
Create a regular header that prints the document title centered at the top of
each page
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