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Editing Headers and Footers
To add a header or footer in your document, follow these steps:
1. On the Insert tab, click either Header or Footer in the Header & Footer group.
2. Scroll through the gallery to find a header or footer style you want to add to your
document. Click your choice, and the item is added.
If the desired Header or Footer selection doesn’t use your preferred fonts or colors,
then modify or change your document Theme, found on the Page Layout tab in the
Themes group, before manually making formatting changes. The fonts and colors
shown in the Header and Footer galleries are linked to the document Theme and
update if the document Theme is changed. For more information about using Themes,
see Chapter 4, “Templates and Themes for a Professional Look.”
Editing Headers and Footers
When you insert a header or footer, the Header and Footer Tools contextual tab and the
header and footer area become available. The content area of the document becomes
dimmed, meaning that it is temporarily unavailable. You can enter, edit, and format headers
and footers by typing in the areas at the top or bottom of the page or control settings for
the header and footer on the Header & Footer Tools Design tab (see Figure 5-9).
Figure 5-9 On the Header & Footer Tools Design tab, you can create, position, and edit headers
and footers.
The Header & Footer Tools Design tab contains a variety of tools with which you to add,
edit, position, and enhance the headers and footers you create:
header This is where you edit or remove a header. It also enables you to select a
header’s contents and save the selection to the Header gallery so you can use it in
other documents.
Footer With this tool, you can edit or remove a footer. As with Header, you can
select the contents of a footer and save the selection to the Footer gallery so you can
use it in other documents.
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