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Deleting Headers and Footers
Working with Field Codes in headers and Footers
W hen you use the Header & Footer Tools and the Design tab to add elements
to headers and footers (such as page numbers, dates, and times), Word often
accomplishes the task by inserting field codes. You can control field codes in a number
of ways, including the following:
You can edit a field code by right-clicking it and then choosing Edit Field. The
Field dialog box appears, in which you can select from various formats that you
can use to display the field’s data.
You can toggle the display between field data and field codes by right-clicking
a field and choosing Toggle Field Codes.
To update a field, select the field and press F9. Alternatively, right-click the field
and choose Update Field. You can also click a field, such as a date that updates
automatically, and choose the Update command that appears above the field in
a new type of container called a Content Control.
To control whether fields appear with or without gray backgrounds online, click
File to display Backstage view, click Options, and on the Advanced tab, scroll to
the Show Document Content area, and select an option in the Field Shading list.
Available options include Never, Always, or When Selected.
To create different headers and footers for part of a document, you must divide the
document into sections and then create headers and footers for each section. If you are working
in a document divided into sections but want to continue using the same headers and
footers from section to section, click in a section and then, on the Design tab, in the Navigation
group, make sure Link To Previous is selected.
Deleting Headers and Footers
To delete a header or footer from a document or section, simply open the header and
footer areas (double-click in a header or footer area, or right-click a header or footer area
and choose Edit Header or Edit Footer) to display the Header & Footer Tools. Or, on the
Design tab, click Remove Header or Remove Footer from the respective Header or Footer
gallery. You can also select and delete header and footer content in the same way you
select and delete any other content.
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