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Saving Page Setup Defaults to the Current Template
Caution !
Carefully consider whether you should change the default settings for your Normal
template (and make those changes sparingly) because the Normal template takes on
all settings found in the Page Setup dialog box. First determine which settings the
majority of your documents use and set them accordingly. If you need particular
specifications for certain documents, it might be best to create a new template for those
settings rather than modifying your Normal template.
For more information on creating your own templates see Chapter 4.
Backing Up Your Customizations
F or best results when backing up templates and restoring the default Normal
template, always keep a clean backup copy of your standard template in a directory
other than the Template directory on your hard disk or server. In that way, if you need
to return to earlier default specifications, you can do so by simply copying your backup
file into the Template directory.
If you are using the Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system, you can restore
templates to earlier versions by replacing an existing template with a shadow copy.
A shadow copy of a file is a backup file the operating system saves when you use the
Back Up Files Wizard or have System Protection turned on, which is scheduled to run
once a day by default. To access a list of shadow copies, right-click the template you
want to restore and choose Restore Previous Versions.
Finally, to restore your Normal template to the default settings, you can have Word
rebuild the Normal template the next time you start the software. To do this, simply
exit Word, rename the Normal template file (choose an easy-to-recognize name, such
as Normal_old), and then restart Word. Word automatically builds a new Normal
template based on the default settings.
For more information about working with templates and the default location of your
Normal template, see Chapter 4.
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