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Deleting Line Numbers
3. On the Layout tab in the Page Setup dialog box, click Line Numbers.
The Line Numbers dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 5-11.
4. Select the Add Line Numbering check box. In the Start At box, type the number with
which you want numbering to begin.
In the From Text box, specify number placement by using the up or down arrows,
typing a number (by default, the From Text spacing is measured in inches), or accept
Auto (the default setting).
In the Count By box, enter a value to specify which lines should be accompanied by
For instance, if you want to show a number next to every other line, you would enter
2 in the Count By box. To display a number next to each line, retain the default Count
By setting of 1 .
In the Numbering area, choose the Restart Each Page option if you want each page
to be individually numbered; select Restart Each Section if you want the numbering
to begin again with each subsequent section; or choose Continuous if you want
numbers to increase throughout the document.
8. Click OK to close the Line Numbers dialog box and return to the Page Setup dialog
box. Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog box.
I don’t have enough room for line numbers.
If you’ve created heading styles that extend all the way to the left margin of your page,
you might find them truncated when you add line numbering. You can ix this by
displaying the Line Numbers dialog box and changing the From Text setting. By default,
From Text is set to Auto, but by decreasing the amount of space between numbering
and text, you can usually make room for both line numbering and headings.
Deleting Line Numbers
You might want to use line numbering only when you are creating, reviewing, and editing
your document. In that case, when you’re getting close to final preparations for your
document, you can remove line numbers by selecting Line Numbering in the Page Setup group
on the Page Layout tab. Choose None to remove the line numbers.
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