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Adding and Customizing a Page Background
Figure 6-4 Choose a texture for your page background to create a stylized look for a special page.
You can apply your own files as textures by clicking the Other Texture button and
choosing the graphic file in the Select Texture dialog box. Click OK to add the texture
to the Texture gallery, and then select it and click OK to add it to the page.
Similarly, the Pattern and Picture tabs in the Fill Effects dialog box is where you can choose
a specific pattern for the background or add a photo of your own to the page. On the
Pattern tab, you can choose which color you’d like to make the foreground and which you
want to apply to the background of the pattern (see Figure 6-5). On the Picture tab you can
click Select Picture to choose the photo you want to use for the background of the page
(Figure 6-6).
Figure 6-5 Select colors for the foreground and background of the pattern you select.
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