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Adding Watermarks to Printed Documents
Figure 6-6 Add your own pictures for a special look on the page background.
After you select a color or create a ill effect, Word automatically applies the background
to the current document. You can see the background in all views except the Normal and
Outline views.
You can quickly check whether Word is configured to print background colors and
images by previewing a document that contains background formatting. On the File
tab, click Backstage view then click Print to preview the document.
If you later decide you want to remove the page background—whether it is a full page
color, a gradient, pattern, texture, or picture—you can do so by clicking Page Color in
the Page Background group on the Page Layout tab then clicking No Color.
Adding Watermarks to Printed Documents
Whether you want to identify your document as confidential, add your company name
behind the scenes of your text, or add a logo to help reinforce your brand, you can add
a watermark to a printed document by choosing the Watermark tool in the Page
Background group on the Page Layout tab. The watermark is added as WordArt on the header
and footer layer of your document, so you can edit the watermark easily after you place it,
changing the content of the text or the style in which it is displayed.
When you click Watermark, the Watermark gallery appears, as shown in Figure 6-7. Scroll
through the list to see the various styles. When you see a style you want to add, simply click
it, or if you want to create your own, click Custom Watermark.
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