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Editing a Watermark
Figure 6-7 Choose from ready-made watermark styles or create your own in the Watermark
You can also create a custom watermark using a picture or text by clicking Custom
Watermark at the bottom of the Watermark gallery and configuring your settings in the Printed
Watermark dialog box (shown in Figure 6-8), such as adding a picture watermark or
customizing your own text.
Figure 6-8 You can use the Printed Watermark dialog box to add picture and text watermarks to
your documents.
If you later want to remove the watermark you have added, simply choose Watermark in
the Page Background group and click Remove Watermark.
Editing a Watermark
If you need to edit your watermark after you add it to your page, you can select it by first
double-clicking in a header or footer area to activate the header and footer layer of your
document. When the header area is active and the Header & Footer Tools tab is visible on
the Ribbon, you can click the watermark. The WordArt tools tab appears on the Ribbon.
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