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Editing a Watermark
configure the Text, Font, Size, Color, and Layout settings. You can display the
watermark text diagonally or horizontally. In most cases, you should select the
Semitransparent check box so that the watermark doesn’t interfere with your document’s
My watermark prints every other letter.
Your watermark might display correctly in Print Preview or Print Layout view but only
print every other letter. To correct this issue, on the Page Layout tab, click Watermark
and then click Custom Watermark. In the Printed Watermark dialog box, clear the
Semitransparent option. The underlying cause of this issue is that your printer does
not fully understand the Semitransparent option. If you need to use this option, then
obtain an updated printer driver from the manufacturer’s Web site, which might
resolve the issue. As a workaround or until you obtain a driver that supports the
Semitransparent option, you can set the watermark color to a lighter shade to emulate
Once you configure your picture or text watermark settings, click Apply to preview the
watermark without closing the dialog box in case you need to make additional
modifications. If you like the results, click Close.
Tweak Word 2010 Layout Options
A s you think through your variety of page layout choices in Word 2010, you might
want to take a quick look at Word’s layout options, which are available on the
Advanced tab of the Word Options dialog box. To display Layout Options, click File
then Options in Backstage view. On the Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom of the
list and click Layout Options. A long list of very specific choices appears; you can click
selections within this list to turn on or off the various features that impact the layout
you want to create.
Many of your choices in Layout Options have to do with setting up your tables to
behave the way you want them to, but you’ll also find settings for line and character
spacing, word wrap, bullet and numbered list formatting, and compatibility issues.
Read through the options to see if you need any of the features and click the ones you
want to add. Click OK to save your changes and close the Word Options dialog box.
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